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Welcome to the virtual home of Cellar Door Books - your first source for art by Tasha Tudor. Our antiquarian book service located in New Hampshire has joined books with happy seekers since 1971. We're now in our 46th year of bringing books and owners together. Let us help you find something new that you didn't know to exist. Click one of the eleven category buttons at the top of this page to begin your search.

Embark on a fascinating journey through the productive life of the 20th century illustrator Tasha Tudor. Tudor was born in New England in 1915; she painted New England scenes all her life; she died in New England in 2008.

If you are looking for books illustrated by Tudor, we have them. You might begin with Pumpkin Moonshine the pocket sized book about creating a jack-o-lantern from 1938. Over the next 70 years, Tasha Tudor's art appeared in more than 100 books as well as many other objects. Don't miss Wings from the Wind, an anthology of well-known poems and our personal favorite of Tudor's illustrated books. Tudor's books are described and documented in the definitive bibliography Tasha Tudor, The Direction of Her Dreams (1998).

If you want information about Christmas cards which Tudor first painted in 1941, we have that too. Tasha Tudor painted hundreds of illustrations for greeting cards in her lifetime. We have lots of them in single examples and many in multiples. These cards are lovely to see by themselves and can make an affective framed art gallery for a private nook or a hall in your home. Use Christmas Card Designs of Tasha Tudor (2012) as your guide to this output.

Do you covet a piece of original art? We have those, too. There is no count of the number of drawings and paintings that Tasha Tudor created and sold in her lifetime. She kept very little of her original output. Today, it is found in homes and libraries and museum collections around the world. We have quite a few pieces of her beautiful original art. We have some originals that were not published and were painted for private collectors.

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Full page watercolor to illustrate the short story and printed as page [28] in Tasha Tudor's Bedtime Book, Platt & Munk, 1977. Unmounted piece of watercolor paper measuring 11 5/8 " x 9 ". The 10 1/8" x 8" image is fully reproduced in the book but in a milky sort of view. The vivid detail that Tudor painted in lost in the reproduction. The central image has the two timid children standing before the witch and her house made of bread. The picture contrasts the dark: the hag, two vultures, a snake in the grass, bones on the ground; with items much more familiar to Tudor: bees buzzing about poppies, morning glories climbing the cottage and a rain barrel standing at the corner. A shadow of one of the vultures is poorly painted on the ground. Tudor painted a dewey spider's web in the lower left corner. Signed in pencil atop the paint in the lower right corner. There is residual gum around the back edges from mounting adhesive tape; and a penciled $50.00 on the back.

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