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Bethany Tudor with her doll Lucinda

A doll hand-crafted by Tasha Tudor for her daughter Bethany.

They have lived together for more than sixty-three years.

Lucinda has a lovely soft face and was made/outfitted in 1954. She is thus one of the earliest of about a dozen dolls Tudor crafted between 1949 and 1997. She has been one of the treasured family dolls.

Lucinda's wardrobe: hats, mittens and a wool plaid winter coat, dresses, petticoats and stockings! She travels with her own trunk. See item 28549 for more details.

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Bethany Tudor Young Author

BETHANY TUDOR (1940- ) is the eldest of the four children of the American illustrator Tasha Tudor. She learned to draw and paint from her mother and augmented her studies at art schools in London and Boston. She grew up in New England, has lived here all her life, and is imbued to a large degree with the same love of country life as is exemplified in her mother’s thousands of paintings.

In the 1960s Bethany created books of her own. They are based on a family of Steiff toys who became nearly as real to the Tudor children as neighbors down the road. Samuel and Samantha are her Steiff ducklings. They are the protagonists of the books Gooseberry Lane, Samantha’s Surprise, Samuel’s Tree House and Skiddycock Pond. Bethany also did the pictures for two books by other authors: Chip the Chipmunk by Jessie Brown Marsh and The Nest by Constantine Georgiou.

All these books reflect the world of animals and nature Bethany found abundantly. She has always held them dear. Where her mother excelled in gardening, Bethany has found pleasure in birds.

In addition to her books, you will find a series of gift cards and stationery that she painted for Cellar Door Books early in this century. From time to time she has offered some of her treasured possessions for sale here. Now you will find a long-time love, her doll Lucinda. Tasha Tudor made Lucinda for her daughter in 1954. They have been companions ever since.

John and Jill Hare founded Cellar Door Books in 1971, specializing in the words and related interests of Tasha Tudor. They are the compilers of two comprehensive reviews of Tudor’s art: Tasha Tudor: the Direction of Her Dreams (1998) describes some 1200 books associated with Tudor; and Christmas Card Designs of Tasha Tudor (2012) describes and pictures the majority of the 1400 Christmas and other greeting cards Tudor painted. In 2007 Cellar Door Books produced a DVD version of New Dorr’s 1955 motion picture The Golden Key. All are available on this website.

Tasha Tudor
American Illustrator

Tasha Tudor captivated many people during her long life (1915-2008). She illustrated children's books of her own creation as well as such classics as Mother Goose, The Secret Garden and Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen. She toured the country speaking about her books, her art and her lifestyle. She was loved for her knowledge of flowers: she knew how to grow them, she created realistic paintings of flowers. They appear in nearly all her books. Examine her art and you will discover a world of images of children, dolls, and Christmas. These are nearly all in New England settings. Wander through our web store to see images of her books, Christmas cards, paper dolls, and many fine art prints. We have original art, too. As Tasha was fond of saying... Take Joy!

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Watercolor illustration published on page [16] in Amy's Goose, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1977. An unmounted piece of watercolor paper measuring 8 13/16 " x 8 5/8" nearly filled with a blue scene. The image shows Amy sitting holding a wounded goose above a pond with more geese nearby. There are rushes beside her and a mountain range forms the backdrop. No signature. There is a narrow white border on three edges. The blue field runs off the right edge. There is minor tape residue.

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Watercolor illustration published on page 38, MOTHER GOOSE. In Tudor's French mat, a light blue wash frame and gilt line border. Figure of a crowned Arthur running with a sack of barley meal over his shoulder, before a windmill and tree in the moonlight. The mat masks the image showing less detail at the top than is evident in the published book. This ethereal watercolor is painted on Bristol board measuring 6 7/8" x 6 1/2". Various printing notes on the back.

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