" I'll miss the tender lettuce and other delicious scraps from Angelo Stiletto's vegetable stand on Center Street". ORIGINAL ART FROM BIGGITY BANTAM

Tasha Tudor. ca. 1954.

Watercolor illustration published on page [11] in Biggity Bantam, Ariel Books, 1954. In Tudor's French mat, a light tan wash frame and gilt line border, 3 5/8" x 5 ½" exposed in mat. The image is of a city vegetable stand against a brick building, probably reminiscent of Tudor's earlier years in Danbury, Conn. The image shows a proprietor in a white apron visiting with an elderly gentleman. Three boys in mid-20th century cowboy hats and cap guns play at the left end. At the right side, a young mother walks with her daughter and pushes another child in a small stroller. Tudor's printed name is delicately penciled in the lower right. In a wood frame with flaking gilt that seems contemporaneous with the age of the art. The backing paper shows some moisture damage and a nearly indistinct inscription: With love to Robin, Mom & Dad. Cited in A Partial List of Original Water Colors, Drawings, Oils, and Pastels by Tasha Tudor as being the property of Warren G. Olson. Original asking price $5,000.

VG / NA. Item #25502

Signed in pencil, lower right: T. Tudor.

Price: $2,500.00

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