"Welcome to the World of Tasha Tudor"  


Tasha Tudor - American Illustrator 



 Illustrator Tasha Tudor lived in New England her entire life, 1915-2008. Her paintings of farm  life began before World War II with five small pocket size books about farm life of the past.  Her nostalgic lifestyle and pictures inspired world-wide admirers to want to live as Tasha lived. They envied that long-gone New England landscape.  Tudor's illustrations appear in 100 books. She painted what she knew and loved: antique furniture and clothing, dolls, corgi dogs, the Canton and pink luster dishes which she owned.

Cellar Door Books is a specialty book shop devoted to the work Tasha Tudor and her daughters. We offer original art, books, art prints, Christmas cards and many other items illustrated by this talented artist. We can assist you in the disposal of your Tudor art.  

Proprietors John and Jill Hare founded Cellar Door Books in 1971. We are also the authors of two comprehensive reviews of Tudor’s art.  Tasha Tudor: the Direction of Her Dreams (1998) describes some 1200 books associated with Tudor; and Christmas Card Designs of Tasha Tudor (2012) shows 1400 Christmas and other greeting cards Tudor painted.