Item #28067 FALL BORDER FOR CHRISTMAS CARD Irene Dash No. FT 93-82F


Tasha Tudor. ca. 1966. 1st edition. The frame measures 16 ¼" x 13 ½"

Tasha Tudor painted hundreds of Christmas card for Samuel Golden's Irene Dash Greeting Card Co., Inc. in New York City. This card image originally appeared in the publisher's collection of cards for 1967. A detail of the painting was cropped and later printed on a small card, AAG JR 90.

The image is a border of dried wild flowers typical of New England upland meadows. The border has been embellished with hemlock and pine springs, Dutchman's britches, fungi and acorns. A saucy kinglet appears in each of the lower corners.

Tudor painted a soft green background outside the main border image. It is lightest along the left side and at the top center. The large center field has been left blank for the publisher's printed sentiment: May all the joys of Christmas be yours and may your New Year be one of happiness, good fortune and good health. The signature was altered on the printed card. See Christmas Card Designs of Tasha Tudor (2012), page 221.

The watercolor illustration is in Tudor's French mat treatment under glass. The opening measures 9" x 6 7/8". The art is in fine condition showing the slightest rippling to the top edge. The French mat now appears to have a 3/8" gray frame around the opening. This frame may have once been a light blue outlined in a darker color. The same color is used for a larger single line frame outside beyond, and a single gilt line within the larger colored frame. These treatments were typical of much of Tudor's early art that was sold matted but unframed through the shop of Edward B. Hills, Mill Hall, Pa. We believe the mats were prepared by a Boston shop.

This piece has been in a brown wood frame for most of its life. The wood is embellished with a gilt line on the inside edge next to the glass. It is backed in kraft paper and bears the label "Framed Dec 3, 1975 by J.S. Dubbs, 901 Woodland Drive, Bellefonte, Pa. 16823".

There is an envelope taped on the back of the framing paper containing one unused copy of the card that was made from the painted image.

F / NA. Item #28067

Signed T. Tudor outside the lower right corner of the watercolor image.

Price: $4,180.00

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